Introducing the Poulsen Power EVSE Level 2 Residential Charging Station

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Save hundreds of dollars on Installation!

EVSE Level 2 Residential Charging Station made simple!

Unlike competing brands the Poulsen Power EVSE Level 2 Residential Charging Station eliminates the expense of running a dedicated 240V line from the building’s power panel to the location. In the case of a detached garage digging and line drawing can run as high as $1,500 to $2,000.

The Poulsen Power EVSE Charging Station gives you Level 2 EVSE charging from the existing120V-20amp circuit serving the garage area, which is converted to 240V-20amp.

Installation can be done inexpensively by exchanging the single throw circuit breaker in your power panel with a double throw breaker. Once the 240V circuit breaker is installed, the electrician will mount the Poulsen Power EVSE charging station on your garage wall and you will have fast 240V Level 2 charging.

What happens to the lighting and power outlets in my garage after I convert my garage circuit to 240V?  The patented Poulsen Power  EVSE charging station contains a built-in 240V to 120V step down transformer for restoring the 120V supply to the garage light, power outlets and door opener.


We had a Poulsen Level 2 Residential Charging Station installed for our Chevy Volt. We have an older house and basement is finished off- electrical panel on other side of the house. Electrician wanted $2000 to install new 240 v line w conduit etc. on outside of house!


Poulsen unit installed for $325!!  Full charge now 3.5 hours vs 10-12 hours previously.


Poulsen unit works great- Easy install for electrician also.

Charles Lick – Minneapolis, Minn.